Is it human intuition to ask what’s next, to seek what we haven’t yet experienced?

Often as we finish our five or six days down the Waiau-Toa/ Clarence these thoughts inevitably pop into the minds of those who reach for more, ask for more.

The Waiau-Uwha is alive though, through alpine tussock and wild horses. Mountains falling over each other as you drift towards the sound of the first gorge, and with it the first rapids. Adventure has come.

Experience the Waiau-Uwha (commonly known as the Waiau) though Clarence River Rafting and the amazing team at Glen Hope Station. This 1 to 3-day river trip takes you from the feet of the Spencer mountain range and the stunning Mount Ada through open New Zealand high country and the heart of St James, down into the twists and turns that this river and its upper valleys are known for. Through 11 gorges and sweeping rock moraines this river offers a lot to those willing to give a bit in return. Its gorges, cut by time, continue to amaze, Kowhai and Marble Leaf creep up the rock guts as waterfalls tumble. With continuous rapids around the grade 3/ 3+ mark, having a willingness for adventure is key to this trip. No one can hide the sense of achievement that comes from a full day on the river and a cool beverage on the riverside as the sun falls west. Words struggle to do justice to a few days on this special river.

Camping is our specialty, and food and wine our passion. As with all our fully catered trips we try hard to make the camping experiences we create something to remember.

Get in contact today to see if one of our Waiau-Uwha options suits you and your crew.

Trip DetailsGrade
3 day 4WD/Raft3/4
2 day 4WD/Raft2/3+
1 day 4WD/Raft2/3+
2 day private 4WD/Raft incl. Glen Hope2/3+
3 day Heli/Raft3/4
1 day Heli/Raft2/3+
2 day private Heli/Raft incl. Glen Hope2/3

All trips are subject to river flow and weather, call us to organise times that best suit your team and the river. Any deposit placed will be fully refunded if cancelled 48 hours before the trip; we’ll do everything we can to get you on the river, although Rangi and Papa (earth and sky) can be fickle at times.

Minimum 4 people required on non-private adventures. We can work with people to try and build numbers for trips.