Clarence River Rafting believes that the higher your skill level the more relaxed you will be and the more fun you can have on the river.


A minimum skill level is required to hire a raft from Clarence River Rafting, in order to assess your skills we run a pre-departure training day. In participating in this training we aim to help you identify where the skills in your group are, recognise river hazards and manage your own trip down the river. Not only will you know how to steer a raft, but also how to repair a raft plus some basic rescue and river swimming skills.

If you have your own equipment but would like to upgrade or refine your skills, book in a training day and we can help you out. We can help you be better prepared for a variety of river levels and weather conditions.

The Clarence / Waiau Toa at normal water levels is a grade 2 river. Grade 1 is flat but moving water. Grade 2 has regular medium-sized waves of less than 1 metre. The route through the rapids is easy to recognise and generally unobstructed, although there may be rocks in the main current or overhanging branches. Grade 3 has larger waves of up to 2 metres. There is a need to manoeuvre to negotiate rapids, and a passage may be difficult to recognise from the river. What does that translate to? The river is easy yet playful. There are times when your participation is needed, and there are times when you can relax and take in the magnificent scenery.