We are all about getting out there and giving it a go, doing your own thing, allowing you to create your own experience.

If you have some previous whitewater experience and are comfortable in a wilderness environment we can outfit you with all the equipment needed to run your own trip on the Clarence/Waiau-Toa River.

If you have some of your own gear but need more to make your trip feasible we can help you out. Our rental gear is the same gear we use on our commercially guided trips and therefore of a standard approved by Adventure Mark.

We can supply rafts, paddles, lifejackets, helmets, barrels, dry bags, repair kits, tie-downs, oars, frames, tarps, maps, boxes, coolers, fire grates, cooking equipment, and more… Talk to us about your requirements.

A minimum skill level is required

If your skills are a bit rusty or some members of your group are not very confident Clarence River Rafting will run a pre-departure training day for you. In participating in this training we aim to help you identify where the skills in your group are, recognize river hazards and manage your own trip down the river.

A few words on safety: Although you will be out there doing your own thing, your safety is still our priority (it’s not the 80’s anymore). Every group that rents rafts from us will have a two way communication device, a repair kit and rescue equipment. This is a minimum requirement for your safety and our peace of mind.

There are plenty of options – let us help you work out what is best for you.

A few words of advice: Like any river the Clarence/Waiau-Toa River is constantly changing. We aim to provide you with up-to-date information to keep your group safe whilst in the river environment, such as a detailed knowledge of current hazards, major rapids, weather info and campsite info. Take advantage of our knowledge of the river and the surrounding area to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your river journey.

Conditions do apply. We only supply rafts for use on the Clarence/Waiau-Toa River. Please contact us for details.